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De Vrièrestraat 17-19
B-2000 Antwerpen
(32 3) 248 24 68
+32 497 44 66 52


Curriculum free program

Both Jazz and Popstudio offer a vast range of courses from which you can choose to compile your personal program :

Instrument courses :
You’ll be coached by professional, experienced tutors. They will offer you a personal approach in your weekly class (30 minutes, 60 min on request) leading to your own targets.

Performing ensembles:
You ‘ll cooperate with other musicians, learn to function in a band and get plenty of opportunities to solo.

World music :
Would you like to work round an Afro-Cuban repertoire, learn to play the bansuri or work at Indian singing ? Contact us for information.


When you’re into singing with others and you want more than a purely classical repertoire, we have the solution for you. We’ll let you sample different genres : jazz, pop, soul, gospel, a bit of Bach, …

Music theory

We organize specific reading classes for each instrument, to ensure hands-on training for your instrument.

For a more detailed survey of all possible courses, please contact Ondine Quackelbeen via mail or telephone ( – 03 2482468)


Free Program 2018-2019

Performing ensembles in dayschool

Two courses of  1,5 hour
Fee € 560 (20 courses)

Performing ensembles in free program

Wednesday/saturday, course of 1.5 hour
Fee € 280 (10 courses)

Reading classes (in group)

Course of 45′ minutes
Fee € 160

Instrument Technique (in group)

Course of 1 hour (in-group)
Fee € 280 (10 courses)
Course of 0,5 hour (individual)
Fee € 260 (10 courses)

Individual lessons

Course of 0,5 hour
Fee € 260 (10 courses)
Bass, cello, double bass, drums, guitar, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trompet, violon, voice, dj/scratching, …

4 Modules

Saturday 13.30 -15.00h . Each 10 weeks another module.
Inscription per module.  We start in October with Module 2.
Tutor:Juan Carlos Rosquete Marquez.
Cost per module = 280,- euro

Module 1: I got rhythm!

Higher rhythmical value in your phrases, accompaniment? Developed internal rhythm? Of course you can!
We invite you to participate in our module “I got rhythm!” and you will learn the ways to improve all that in short terms. For all intruments. Singers welcome too!

Module 2: Easy Improvisation excercises!

From 08/10/2018 till 22/12/2018                                                                                                                                                            Interested in better solos, Creativity and Improvising freedom?
Of course you can!
We offer in this module information over basic and middle-level improvisation systems that will bring your playing in short terms to a higher level. We’ll teach you how to use it and how to master it.
For all intruments. Singers welcome too!

Module 3: Harmonic approach

From 21/04/2018 till 23/06/2018                                                                                                                                                                         Do you want to sound traditional, or more modern? Play outside? To build up your own Harmonic concept?
Of Course you can!
In our Module you’ll find all the necessary information you need to do that and the way you can apply it in the practice.
For all harmonic and melodic intruments. Singers welcome too!

Module 4: Multi-style Playing

Workshop  dates later.
To be able to play in many different styles? Jazz/Funk/Reggae/Salsa/Merengue/Zouk/Cumbia and many others?
Of Course you can!
After being part of our module you’ll know the secrets of mastering many styles.
A lot of info and practice, and the basics you should know about them.
For all intruments.

Sax quartet (advanced level)

Course of 1 hour
Fee € 140 euro (10 courses)

Theory classes in dayschool

Course of 1,5 hour
Fee € 210 (10 courses)

  • Harmonie
  • Eartraining/solfège
  • Rythm class
  • Arrangement
  • Composition
  • History of Jazz
  • History of Pop
  • Songwriting
  • Class of Styles
  • How to listen to Jazz
  • History of Afro-cuban Music
  • History of Indian Music
  • Initiation producing and recording technique

Improvisation for Singers

Tuesday, course of 30 min
Fee € 260 (10 courses)


Monday, course of 1 hour
Fee € 200 (10 courses)

Personal training

Courses on request.