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De Vrièrestraat 17-19
B-2000 Antwerpen
(32 3) 248 24 68
+32 497 44 66 52


Curriculum free program

Both Jazz and Popstudio offer a vast range of courses from which you can choose to compile your personal program :

Instrument courses :
You’ll be coached by professional, experienced tutors. They will offer you a personal approach in your weekly class (30 minutes, 60 min on request) leading to your own targets.

Performing ensembles:
You ‘ll cooperate with other musicians, learn to function in a band and get plenty of opportunities to solo.

World music :
Would you like to work round an Afro-Cuban repertoire, learn to play the bansuri or work at Indian singing ? Contact us for information.


When you’re into singing with others and you want more than a purely classical repertoire, we have the solution for you. We’ll let you sample different genres : jazz, pop, soul, gospel, a bit of Bach, …

Music theory

We organize specific reading classes for each instrument, to ensure hands-on training for your instrument.

For a more detailed survey of all possible courses, please contact Ondine Quackelbeen via mail or telephone ( – 03 2482468)


Free Program 2023

Performing ensembles in dayschool

Two courses of  1,5 hour
Fee € 770 (20 courses)

Performing ensembles in free program

1 course of 1.5 hour
Fee € 385 (10 courses)

Reading classes (individual)

Course of 30′ minutes
Fee € 385 (10 courses)

Instrument Technique

Course of 0,5 hour (individual)
Fee € 385 (10 courses)

Individual lessons

Course of 30 min
Fee € 385 (10 courses)
Bass, cello, double bass, drums, guitar, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trompet, violon, voice, dj/scratching, …

Theory classes in dayschool

Course of 1,5 hour
Fee € 300 (10 courses)

  • Harmonie
  • Ear Training/solfège
  • Rhythm class
  • Arrangement
  • Composition
  • History of Jazz
  • History of Pop
  • Songwriting
  • Class of Styles
  • How to listen to Jazz
  • History of Afro-cuban Music
  • History of Indian Music
  • Initiation producing and recording technique

Improvisation for Singers

Tuesday, course of 30 min
Fee € 385 (10 courses)


Thursday 18.30 till 19.30 course of 1 hour
Fee € 50 (10 courses) or € 80 (whole school year)

Personal training

Fee € 385 (5 hours )

Courses on request.