1. The school year of vzw Tritonus-(Jazz-Popstudio) runs from 1 October to 31 June.
  2. Registration for the day school curriculum is always for a full school year.
  3. The registration fee for one school year is € …
    € … payable before 15 September 20.. and € …. payable before 5 January 20…
  4. If a student stops his/her participation in the classes during the school year (because of exclusion of lessons (cf point 5) or personal motives or …), (s)he has no right to get a (partial) refund. The full amount of € ….. has to be paid to the Vzw. Tritonus (Jazz-Popstudio). Fees are non-refundable.
  5. Vzw. Tritonus reserves the right to suspend or exclude students who disturb the lessons, who don’t respect the rules or behave in an antisocial way.
  6. Students shall always be on time for class. Any absence or late arrival must be announced/reported. Vzw Tritonus has the right to suspend/exclude unlawfully absent students.
  7. Classes are defined as follows:
    – collective lessons: the hours are planned and communicated by vzw Tritonus to the students at the start of the school year.
    As classes have different levels of difficulty, students are informed in which level they ‘ve been placed after having taken a level test.VZW Tritonus can in no way be held liable if, for reasons beyond its will, the hours of class have to be modified during the course of the school year.- instrumental lessons: at the time of their registration, students may choose classes in the timetable that is available at that moment. If a student, for exceptional reasons, needs
    a change of class hours during the course of the school year, possibilities will be checked with the people involved (teacher, administration)
    Students don’t have the right to catch up a lesson they missed because of reasons not related to vzw Tritonus.
  8. The classrooms can be used by students outside of the regular class hours, but only within the hours that vzw Tritonus is open. Students must respect the smoking ban and keep the windows closed (to avoid noise disturbance) at all times. Students can book classrooms outside of regular class hours via the secretariat.